PAX Prime 2010: Star Wars II Force Unleashed Hands On

The doors opened up and the masses where released and as this is my first PAX Prime a lot was to be seen and taken in as I have never attended a PAX Prime but I had attended their little brother show PAX East 2010.  Unknown where to go except with the anticipation of getting some swag from the Lucas Arts folks, writer D. Smith and myself made our way to the booth and found some empty 360’s with Star Wars II The Force Unleashed  needing to be played.  So we jumped on to test our lightsaber skills and if you are a fan of Star Wars The Force Unleashed let me tell you this game is a must have for you.  From the beginning story to the gameplay you will be pulled in.  Lucas Arts pulled out all the stops with this newest edition of  The Force Unleashed.  We were able to play a level testing out your new precision use of force powers and you will feel power as you unleash deceptive mind tricks.  The general feel will be a lot like what you are used to from the first Force Unleashed as the controls where fluid and the gameplay was awesome.  We weren’t able to get a lot of questions but I assure you  this game is a must have for me and all Star Wars fans.

Keep an eye out for The Force Unleashed II heading to your favorite console October 26,2010.

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