PAX Prime 2010: Steve’s Sony Preview

Scott and I were lucky enough to be invited to Sony’s special media only showing of several of their titles, I’m going to hit up some of them here and Scott will be hitting some more on this post as there was just so much to cover from them.

MotorStorm: Apocalypse: If you are a MotorStorm you will love this game. Scott and I played the same track and were blown away by how much the game has improved over previous versions. This year MotorStorm is supporting 3D right out the door and as a newbie to 3D in gaming I was shocked by how great it looked and so disappointed that I will now have to buy a 3D TV because I want this so bad. MotorStorm: Apocalypse will feature 40 unique tracks, 16 player online, and split-screen co-op (which can also play online). They moved the tracks this time to more urban environments so you will see more buildings, buses, semi trucks and even at times, people that can get in your way. With the urban environments and 3D feature come destructible environments that seemed very similar to Disney’s Split/Second, but more immersive because of the 3D. There is nothing like a building falling over on you in 3D as you are trying to boost past another car and avoid hitting anything that might slow you down. This is a must check out for sure.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One: This seemed to be another successful hit for the Ratchet & Clank franchise. There were just so many great things that I noticed in All 4 One, from the co-op weapons, the perks of having to work together, the multiplayer, this had everything I wanted. All 4 One will feature drop in, drop out, online and offline co-op where you will be working as a team to solve the mystery of what giant machine abducted you. Insomniac Games has been focusing more on the co-op weapons this time rather then just the individual weapons to try to spur more team work, but at the same time, there will be several weapons that are locked to each character. Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One is scheduled for release in fall of 2011 and after our little demo this is on my must buy list for sure as Ratchet & Clank has never done me wrong, I’ve always had a fun time with every game in this franchise.

Killzone 3: Well I didn’t get a chance to play this in 3D and I was a little disappointed about that after talking to Scott about how great it was but I was still pretty happy with my experience. I played Killzone 3 with the PlayStation Move and personally it reiterated my feelings about all motion control devices on first person shooters, I don’t care for them, still though, this game was amazing. I’ll talk about Move though for those that are interested, Killzone 3 offers aim assistant and a pretty easy to pick up and play control scheme. One interesting tidbit about the Move controls that we found out while talking with the developers, they are testing online matches right now and while those that are use to the DualShock 3 were crushing players using Move, the players that were new to both control schemes were doing a whole lot better while using PlayStation Move, so if you are a casual gamer, you probably will have an easier time with PlayStation Move. So Sony could really have a new audience to the franchise by adding Move support to Killzone 3. Visually I was once again, blown away by this game, I caught myself wanting to stare at the frozen water forever as it was so beautiful, the snow that was falling and the detail that was put into the weapons were astonishing, everything just looked so real. The enemies that I saw were pretty sweet too, I killed this drop troopers type of enemies and watched them blow up because of something on their back, then I switched to this full-sized chain gun and just mowed down several more guys, I was loving this. Speaking of switching weapons, one of the new things in Killzone 3 is the fact that you can now carry two primary weapons along with your handgun, this was a very welcomed improvement. I want this game, that is the simplest way to put it, Killzone 3 is no doubt the best game I saw from Sony.

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