Pax Prime 2010: Crysis 2 Preview

Thursday night Platform Nation had the pleasure of attending a pre-Pax Crysis dinner. Jose Adrovet, Steve Artlip, Scott diMonda, D.Smith, and myself were all in attendance. We all had a bit of play time with Crysis 2 on the 360, and though we may have taken away slightly different perspectives, over-all Platform Nation walked away with favorable and in a few cases more than favorable impressions.

Now I played Crysis 1 on my PC ages ago, and I did it with my 360 controller. The game is notorious for its un-questionably beautiful graphics, and “suite abilities”. While some of that is still present it appears trimmed, and the graphics while not stunning like its PC predecessor, they still remain sharp and closely match the current console kings of FPS.

The single map I had time with, was a indoor/outdoor multi leveled building- the movement feels some what loose, seeming to fall somewhere in between Call Of Duty, and Battlefield. Yet, its the “suite abilities” that change things up a bit. With invisibility, and stronger armor “maximum armor” just a right or left bumper hit away the dynamics begin to change.

Sadly our time was short with the game I was only able to complete one match, and without more time I’m reluctant to form a complete opinion. Though I will say this, the game has some serious potential- falling somewhere in between Halo, and Call of Duty, the game could easily fill a void left by those two games. With all the new Shooter IP’s on the horizon, and big dogs releasing new installments, I look forward to seeing how it fairs in the sea of console shooters.

Keep an eye on P*N as this will not be the last you hear of Crysis 2 from Platform Nation.

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  • aberkae

    So far original crysis fans including myself are disappointed. No vehicles is not a concern for many, but does mean the maps will be smaller Vs. Original. Many also think prone is something they should have kept as well. Try to not focus only on Xbox version, you are limiting your viewers to one platform, while many who will view this prefer the pc platform! As myself.

    • Jon

      Hey speak for yourself. I’m a big fan of the original and am excited about the new infantry focused multiplayer. Only things missing is higher player cap, and more freedom of movement ie. lean, prone.