PSNerds Episode 63: F’n Microsoft

PSNerds Episode 63: F’n Microsoft

In this week’s painfully long episode Billy ventures deeper into the forbidden world of 3D.  They both rage about Microsoft and price increases across the whole industry (21:00).  For a really long time.  (Protip: This is the first part you may want to skip!)  Bill breaks down why Mafia 2 is great and how it succeeds where Red Dead Redemption failed(57:30) Billy love Scott Pilgram(1:14:35) and Pete loves Shank(1:19:45).  Both nerds pickup Mount and Blade: Warband on effing Steam(1:31:35).  Pete hits the coop with Kane and Lynch 2(1:46:25), and freaks out over how fun the Vanquish demo is(1:52:30).

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