Reexamining Your Game Collection

Over the month of August my life was in a state of total chaos. Every plan I had set out for myself had to change in an instant. When the dust settled I found myself in a new apartment with no Internet access and a broken television. That meant no Xbox 360, no PS3, and no access to my collection of games on Steam. Clearly my means of entertaining myself were limited at best.

One exceptionally boring night I decided to see what games I had downloaded on Steam already: Alien Swarm, America’s Army 3, Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, Mirror’s Edge, and Team Fortress 2. Without Internet access, Mirror’s Edge was clearly my only option. I hadn’t played the game since its original release on the Xbox 360, so I figured, “Why not?” and started it up. After playing for a little while, I was already hooked. I played through the story mode and started doing all the time trials. I loved every minute of it.

After a while, I wanted something more to do than parkour. While opening a game of Spider Solitaire, I found out that I had not only installed both The Saboteur and Crysis: Warhead, but totally forgot that I had done so! I booted up The Saboteur, a game I never really gave a chance. I replayed through all the missions I had done the first time I played, and suddenly I found myself drawn into the world of WW2 Paris. As with Mirror’s Edge, I found out that a game I had but never played was actually a great game.

I’ve got a working Internet connection now, and my television is being repaired as you read this, but to be honest, I’m glad I lost them both for a little while. It taught me an important lesson about taking time to actually play the games you own. Many of us have games we bought, but either only played for a couple hours, or haven’t played at all. Take some time to actually give those games a chance. You might find some real gems you never knew you had.

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