Some Other Podcast, Episode 45: That’s Not Funny

O HAI!  We’re back!  Come along with us, won’t you?  There’s a tearful reunion to be had in this, our first episode in quite a while.  We missed you!  Now that all that sappy stuff is out of the way, let’s talk gaemz!  We’re back on the ball (hehe, ball) while we talk about things that get more expensive the more you do them, why the PSP Go is still stupid, and people doing awesome things for charities.  There are also eight minutes of uncut funny at the end, because WE LOVE YOU.  Yup, in that way.LINKZILLA!

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Arc Rise Fantasia

Alice in Wonderland

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Naughty Bear

Dead Rising: Case Zero

Metroid: Other M

Crackdown 2

Persona 3 Portable

XBox Live gets a price hike…. as if you didn’t already know

inFamous 2 will have a playable demo at PAX

Devil May Cry 5 might be in development; will be “more western”

Super Mario All Stars coming to the Wii, Japan exclusive for now

GTA Chinatown Wars coming to the iPad

Starcraft sells 3 million copies in 1 month

Pachter predicts Live will get $100 “Platinum service”

Puzzle Quest 2 coming to PSP

Wii vibrator attachments…yep, they really exist (IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: How the hell did we miss that these things work over Skype?  WHAT??!?)

Lost in Shadow donating 10 cents for every “like” they get on their Facebook page

Blizzard demands, among other things, James Cameron to direct a Starcraft movie

DSi and DSi XL prices dropping by $20 each; Lite staying the same

Atlus to be merged with parent company Index Holdings; should still be releasing games under Atlus name

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep will not be coming to the PSP Go

MC Chris donating all proceeds from items sold on his eBay page to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

New 360 controller being released with “transforming” D-pad

Now, pay attention, because this part’s important!  We may be a little inconsistent over the next few weeks as we get back into the swing of getting the show nice and regular again, but as I believe I said…. WE’RE BACK!  We’re starting afresh with listener mail because we had soooooo much backed up, so if you have something you’ve sent–or heck, something new!–send it our way again, and we PROMISE we will read it on the next show as a thank you for sticking with us.  Peace out until next time!

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