Unsung Heroes – Vol. 7

Fellow gamers and readers, welcome once again to Platform Nation’s “Unsung Heroes”, where we talk about the men and women who selflessly put their talents, skills, ideas, and even their lives on the line. They do this so you can walk away from your games with the utmost satisfaction and enjoyment. This week’s nominee risks it all just so you can keep running and gunning. Let’s give it up to this week’s Unsung Hero, the Medics!

Just about every gamer out there has played at least one game where these Medic’s practice. You will find them in just about every FPS and in a lot of other action games. Still don’t follow? Let me explain. The Medics follow close behind your soldier/hero during the game to help keep him or her alive. How else do you explain the regeneration abilities your soldier in combat has? Your hero can’t heal himself, he’s too busy fighting the enemy, and he sure as hell isn’t a healing mutant like Wolverine. Come on, be serious now. No it’s the Medics that cause your health to go back to normal.

G.I. Joe's Doc was a pioneer in the combat medic field.

The Medics carry all of their salves, poultices, ointments, and other medical supplies around with them on the battlefield. They even use the special medical bags made by the Yram Snippop Bottomless Bag Company! They lurk behind in the shadows, staying out of harms way. That is until you get hurt. Then they drop their guard and rush to your side. It’s easiest for them to bandage you up if you can get out of the line of fire though. Hiding behind a dumpster, a concrete wall, or just around the corner works nicely for them. Once you are all fixed up you can be on your way and get back to the slaughter.

One quick mention, some games are actually cutting back on their medical staff. Instead of hiring out, they are giving the power to the players. Yes, they are letting the players assume the role of Medic. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is one of the newest games to do this along with other FPS’s and many MMORPG’s.

Team Fortress 2 Medics chilling after a hard fought battle.

So, next time you are storming a control point or just digging in deep for a firefight, use a bit of caution so you don’t get shot. But if you do happen to take a bullet in the keister, don’t panic. Get to a safe spot and let the Medics do their duty. Just don’t expect them to bring you back from the dead. They’re not Angels after all.

Medics of the battlefield, I Salute You!

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