PAX Prime 2010: Duke Nukem Forever Preview

Yes, you read that correctly, this is a Duke Nukem Forever preview! I was lucky enough to get my hands on the game and was actually able to play after years and years of giving Duke Nukem Forever the title of Vaporware of the year. Now I was only able to play it for about 10-15 mins so I can’t give it a full breakdown but I actually did play it.

Duke Nukem Forever felt and had the same attitude as the Duke Nukem 3D I remember from the past, the cussing was there, the nudity was there and the crazy weapons and enemies were all there too. I had my hands on the Shrink Ray, Ripper, their Railgun and the Devastator, the Shrink Ray was by far the most enjoyable as I was just having fun shrinking the enemies and running over to them to get my melee on. The game felt pretty smooth and the graphics were update to date with current games, not like Killzone 3 level which blew me away, but nothing that you will be upset with at all. Overall Duke Nukem Forever just felt great and really reminded me of the older Duke Nukem 3D but updated feel to it. Duke Nukem is scheduled to release on the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and it is rumored to have a 2011 release date, but nothing set in stone and that’s probably a good thing considering it’s history. We were told though that they are already in the polishing phase of the game so I personally can’t wait for this and I don’t think we will be waiting for another 13 more years.

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  • Tye

    I need to wash the jizz out of my pants

  • hehehehe, I was only a month or so out with my Duke prediction for E3 then. I just knew this game would not be allowed to die. I cannot wait to play it as I watched all the leaked vids, screens and scripts when 3Drealms folded.

  • This game is so awesome. Duke just like you remember!

  • Steve is one lucky guy.

  • zenaxe

    TBH, I’d rather see this never come out. It’s better to have it as a vaporware legend/myth than just a long delayed shooter that eventually came out and was just sort of generic.

  • I really hope the DNF is really good, it will just seem like a total waste of time if it isn’t.