PAX Prime 2010: Epic Mickey Preview

We were excited when we heard about Epic Mickey coming to the Nintendo Wii when details where released during E3 2010.  A lot of people  wondered would this be the game I have been waiting for to finally dust of my Nintendo Wii.  Well myself and Platform Nation writer Demitrius Smith had the pleasure of previewing/demoing the upcoming game that will make you charge those Wii batteries and give your Wii a good cleaning.  Demitrius sat down and grabbed onto the controller and took control of Mickey.

They start you off with a tutorial level and from there you learn about the story behind Epic Mickey and you get to control the famous mouse through his adventure.  Mickey will take you through the paces as he faces his past transgressions as the Phantom Blot resurfaces and pulls him into the cartoon wasteland.  The game is a great addition to anyone’s library that loves Mickey even if you are not a fan you will want to check this one out.  The game has all references of Mickey and Disney characters from old to new to ones you will recognize and some only the hardcore fans may notice but they are there and it is just awe inspiring.

The name is really fitting for this game as it will not only be Epic but a great game and an Epic addition to you gaming library.  Epic Mickey for the Nintendo Wii is set to hit store shelves November 2010, just enough time to clean up your Wii and charge those batteries.

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