Gaming Confessions: Conventions

This week’s confession is I have never been to a game convention.

It really saddens, me that I have never made it to one of these conventions, there are so many to choose from E3, Cologne, PAX Prime, PAX East to name just a few. I can give a dozen excuses to why I have never been to one: expense, distance, available time etc. However the main reason is fear.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not agoraphobia, or anything like that, I just have a fear of new experiences and the unknown. Even though that this “new experiences” are done by people the world over on a yearly basis. It’s sad really I am missing out on great experiences simple because of this.

Every year, I set myself a goal to save money and make plans for E3 but every year I back out because of the fear of the journey. I decided to try and start small, I planned to go to the London Games Festival, it was still a 400+mile journey but at least it was in the UK. I never made it, and again it was fear of the unknown. What if I got lost, what if I couldn’t find the place? What if I missed the train? What if I can’t find somewhere to stay?  I had these fears even though the unknown was still part of the UK.

The final humiliation came when I tried to make plans for the Edinburgh games festival. Edinburgh is 40miles away from me, I can get there by bus, train and at a push I could even get a taxi for a relatively small fee. I can go to Edinburgh and back again in a single day easily. Once again I backed out, this time it was because I didn’t know exactly where the Edinburgh Game Festival and was worried I wouldn’t find the place it was happening. This is simply ridiculous, every year Edinburgh has the fringe festival and people from the world over come and visit and none of them have the same concerns that I do. I even grew up outside Edinburgh

Perhaps now that I am a high flying writer (I can dream can’t I) for Platform Nation, I will find enough motivation to break this cycle. There is a whole world of experiences out there just waiting for me. I just need to do something new once, and this will open the floodgates of experience. Just wait, one year I will be at Pax and E3 and I’ll laugh and joke about the trouble and all my concerns I had getting there.

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