Pax Prime 2010: Alienware Preview

My second afternoon at Pax Prime I got to take a peek at a few of Alienwares newest offerings. It was a short preview, but I certainly got to see some choice new offerings from the extraterrestrial PC company.

First up was the newly designed Area 51 desktop, “the most powerful non custom desktop ever built;” after seeing it in action it’s hard not to agree. Not only is the Area 51 a beast in  PC desktops, it’s just freaking cool to look at. It’s aesthetics and design are truly incredible, and in a few cases innovative.

From its custom lighting system (easily changeable on the fly),

to it’s almost reptilian style upper cooling ports (that opens further as the PC heats up),

the game changer comes when you realize both sides of the PC casing open with a simple push of a button, the left side reveals how easy it is to pull parts and upgrade, also the liquid cooling system which is standard to all Alienware desktops. The right side opens up to reveal something a bit more special: six open hard drive ports. Which, according to a Alienware rep, can all be installed in a matter of minutes.

After being simply blown away by what Alienware had done with its desktops, specifically the Area 51, I was ready to check out what else was on the table.

The rep then showed me what the laptop offerings were and again it did not disappoint. The bigger gaming laptops like the 17 inch model, were heavy, but had the same aesthetic appeal that the area 51 had. The same lighting system, texture on the keys, and of course enough power to player pretty much any PC game without issue.

Yet, the most impressive laptop, was the M11x a tiny little thing that weighs no more than a pound more than a Netbook. While still having enough power to play FPS’s like BlackLight Tang Down with extremely smooth frame rates, and remaining cool enough to be un-noticable.

After moving on from their laptops, I had the pleasure of seeing one last thing,

the Dell Streak, a sweet little tablet.

I have long waited to get my hands on a tablet that felt right, I’m personally not a fan of Apple, and while I recognize how superb the iPad may be, it’s simply not what I want. The “Streak” being somewhere near one third the size of the iPad, but it’s screen is just as beautiful to look at.

I was able to see some still art (comic) and it looked incredibly sharp, as did the game I played for a few minutes. A nameless race title, that played similar to the way racers play on other motion sensitive devices. I say similar because I felt like it was more responsive to my tilting of the device to turn. I sincerely look forward to having more time with the “Streak” which at this juncture fits my needs as a gamer and a active comic book reader. Not to mention the 199.99$ price tag is just right.

Below are the two spec sheets that Alienware was kind enough to send me. Also a full image gallery for you including pictures of the Aurora ALX and other cool offerings.

Streak Spec Sheet FINAL 8.19.10


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