Final Fantasy XIII Gets A Japanese Release

And now you’re going, “Seriously? That’s news? The game’s been out in Japan for months now. It was made in Japan.”

True. Final Fantasy XIII is currently available in Japan… for the PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 version, though, was an English-language exclusive. General reasoning is that the Xbox 360 is a dominant force in America, while is an afterthought in Japan.

According to Scrawl, Dengeki Magazine has revealed that the Xbox 360 version will be released in Japan, with dual-language and an easier mode featured.

Final Fantasy XIII‘s cross-platform nature has been notably troublesome. In some situations, Xbox 360 gameplay has been faked in advertising, using PlayStation 3 footage (and sometimes slapping 360 GUI elements on top). The game also fit on one Blu-Ray disc, but three DVDs for the 360. Still, minus the graphics, the game was effectively the same on both consoles.

It’s the same, boring game that I only got a few hours in when I played it, before selling it.

Do you think FFXIII 360 will be worth the trouble in Japan?

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