PAX Prime 2010: J!NX Clothing

In 1999 a little clothing company was formed in the UK named J!nx. They started pretty small, with simple geek inspired T-shirts, and have over the years slowly built on a loyal fan base.. Whats interesting is you can track J!nx phenomenal growth right along with geek cultures explosion into the mainstream.
As video games, comic books, science fiction, fantasy, and tech have slowly become more and more predominant in our every day lives, and as the stigmas that have always been attached to them have slowly fell away as well-
Jinx has been there every step of the way offering something new and fresh for gamers and geeks to sport.
So lets look at what J!nx is doing now-

One of the things J!nx has always been known for is not Video Game licensed materials, but instead Video Game inspired.  As  J!nx has grown that has not changed much, but what has changed is instead of simple T-shirts, Jinx now offers a plethora of clothing for all types of Geeks. With wicked cool jackets and sweaters containing pockets designed specifically for your DS, PSP, and other unique designs aimed right at people like you and me… The best part is its quality clothing, I don’t know about you but I have purchased more than a few game shirts that have fallen apart pretty quickly.  Jinx has not only made sure that the clothing in their newest lines is designed with geeks in mind, but that they are able to handle our unusual life styles.

I mentioned that most of what Jinx has always done is non-licensed materials. This is a strong point for them, always offering something new, with great attention to detail, and high artistic intention.
Yet, they have now stepped into the licensed world as well, with the “J!nx special collection”

90% of the licensed game clothing out there is usually something that contains a generic picture from said game, and or a title and caption. Never anything to clever or cool, J!nx is again trying to do something a bit different anda step above. The special collections line offers some licensed gear for the more picky and discerning consumer.  Sure, they have a few shirts that might just have the games title, but they also have a ton of “themed” clothing with symbols, patches, and other cool stuff that makes the clothing feel like its ripped from the universe of the game you so love.  Allowing the hardcore and not so hardcore to sport game gear everyday, and look sharp while doing it.

What Jinx has always tried to do, and is still working hard on doing, is to show the world that as gamers, and geeks, we are not a bunch of basement dwelling, unattractive, dirty fan boys (and girls)… We are in-fact a dead sexy (occasion basement dwelling), clever and cool culture. J!nx is at the front of the line saying Look here, the geek society is here to stay, and everyday we impact the world more and more.

Why not look damn good while doing it?

Head over to J!NX and check out all the awesome.

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  • Amber

    yes we are dead sexy and would be even more sexy in j!nx clothes! i dont think i’ve heard of J1nx before but i would definitely buy their clothes.