PAX Prime 2010: Kung-Fu LIVE Hands-On

Yes, Kung-Fu LIVE is the controller-less Playstation Move title that has you flailing around at thin air as the camera captures you, and places the actual video of you into augmented reality to fight off waves of foes in a side-scrolling brawler.  Yeah, I know…I can already hear you *groaning*, but put down that glass of Haterade™ for a minute, and listen to what I have to say.

Kung-Fu LIVE is sweet.  That is all.

Ok, maybe there is a bit more to say.  The Kung-Fu masters put me in front of the camera, and I was able to start playing right away — the camera calibration was extremely fast.  They taught me two special moves (lightning which you made by forming an ‘L’ with your arms, and power punch which was achieved by punching with both fists at the same time), and I was on my way.  In no time, I was punching, kicking, and blasting my way through enemies.  Then, someone picked up a controller, and took control of one of my enemies just like that.  The game went from single player to multiplayer just that quickly.

And I haven’t even mentioned the HUGE 4-story boss at the end of the demo!  I’m not going to lie, I went into the demo as a hater, but I left with a big stupid grin on my face.  The gameplay was smooth, and I didn’t throw any punches that weren’t registered.  Simply put, Kung-Fu LIVE is just plain fun.  The price is still TBD, but Kung-Fu LIVE launches in November.

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