PAX Prime 2010: Nexuiz Preview

I’m already voting Nexuiz as one of the games that I’m most looking forward to for the PSN, XBLA and Steam. Nexuiz is being developed by IllFonic, a small developer from Denver, Colorado. They are a pretty small team that has been developing Nexuiz for about three months now, it’s actually being built off of of the original version of Nexuiz which was a fullly open source game that was originally released by Alientrap Software back in 2005. IllFonic used that source code and then built it upon the CryENGINE 3 engine to make it more for this generation and it might be the first game released on the CryENGINE 3 as Crysis 2 was annouced back in August that will be delayed till some time during the first quarter of 2011.

Nexuiz features up to sixteen players in either online or LAN play, yes I said LAN, in two modes at launch, those being an arena FPS mode and a capture the flag mode. There will be three levels sets that will contain a total of nine maps. Now don’t let the low map or mode count upset you too much because there will be more maps, modes, models and content coming to Nexuiz down the road through DLC, did I mention that Nexuiz is suppose to have a $10-$15 price tag yet?

One of the most interesting features that we were told about was the social integration with the game. From what we were told they team is trying to integrate Facebook and Twitter in a way that has never been seen before in games, at least not on the console side of things. IllFonic has told us that they want to not do the typical things you see with games on Facebook but they want to give people the ability to have full clan management through Facebook and even be able to setup full tournaments through everyones favorite social site. We didn’t get a chance to exactly how it is going to work so I’m a little iffy on this but if it does live up to their promise this will be a great feat and hopefully the next step to bringing gaming to even a higher social level.

You can look forward to Nexuiz some time early next year, as I know I am.

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  • This was so much fun to play. I was delighted when I realized tea bagging was so well implemented! haha, in all seriousness the game was excellent, looked great, and played great. also XBL live PSN?! complete win!

  • First I have heard of this game. Looks great.

  • Haha, have to laugh about that shit. What did you do with the TRUE Nexuiz? That whas nothing to do with it. I’m sorry, but that’s shit!

  • you cannot follow because you didn’t know that Nexuiz is a stolen name .. the real Nexuiz is Xonotic.
    Pc 4 ever !!!