PAX Prime 2010: Resident Evil 5, Playstaion Move Style…Zombistyle?

It is no secret I love Zombie’s, in fact I may say I could be PN’s chief zombologist. As the master zomboliya man I was very curious to get my hands on the PlayStation’s “Move” version of RE 5. Capcom had a demo booth showing of RE5 and I was ready to cause the undead, dead, to be..dead..again? For any RE fans who went the extra mile to play the Wii version of RE4 they will find many of the waggly controls to be similar.

The move nun-chuck dongle allowed your player to move, while the actual “Move” controller controlled everything else. The trigger pulled out your guns aim and the move button on the center allowed you to fire. A wide swipe of the controller cause your character to swing their melee weapon and a epileptic waggle caused you to reload. Since this was my first actual experience I have to say I was impressed with how intuitive the layout of the buttons were on the PlayStation Move controller, and how well Capcom implemented the RE5 layout on the controller. Shooting enemies was not difficult, and the tracking seemed to be fairly spot on with the help of a aim assist that went from green to red as rolled over enemies weak spots.

While many hardcore RE5 fans may have got RE5 on day one, support for this gave will only be available on the RE5 gold edition which features all the RE5 DLC.  Since the game really just plays the same Capcom did not have that much new information aside from the fact that they still are not sure if the update will add any new trophy support. Look for Resident Evil 5 “move” update this fall.

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