Want To Write For Platform Nation

So do you want to write for Platform Nation?  We are currently looking for some new writers to join our staff of wonderful writers. So if you have ever wanted to write for a gaming site or maybe looking to get some of your writings about video games, TV, Entertainment out there for everyone to see, than we at Platform Nation would like to hear from you. To get started all you have to do is drop us an email to [email protected] and send us a writing sample and a brief introduction about yourself and why you would like to write for Platform Nation, that’s it. Once we receive your email our talented Editors will take a look at your writing and we will get back to you, just one thing though at Platform Nation you will be submitting articles and reviews for free as P*N is not a paid site, but there are perks such as attending some of the industries largest gaming events (ie: E3, PAX) and getting review copies of games for review purposes. So if you have been thinking about something like this for sometime here’s your chance to get your start writing for awesome gaming website. Hope to hear from you soon!

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  • Best of luck to all that apply. It’s great writing for P*N!

  • Shawn S,

    What kind of writing sample would you like? A video game related one?

  • About how long do you want the writing sample to be and are you looking for a sample of a newer game or a classic?

    I ask because I have never been known as a man of few words, and don’t want to go over whatever character limit you are asking for.

    • Submit what you feel necessary to display your writing ability and it can be about an old our new game. The character limit is up to you long or short we will give it the attention it deserves.

  • Thank you for such a prompt and courteous response. I will get started on it right away! You heard write rather then give you an existing sample I am just going to create something right here right now to submit 🙂

  • MDSRocker

    I submitted by bid yesterday, with three separate writing samples, all of which don’t even deal with a specific game, but focus on the industry or the medium as a whole.

  • Mitchel

    Hi guys, I’ve been thinking of doing something like this for a while. But I was wondering exactly how much you are required to write, like per week? And how is it given to you what you will be writing about?

  • mataman906

    what’s the deadline for submissions?