Spider Week 2010: Character Of The Week

Spider week 2010 already seems to be into the swing of things with some amazing articles already posted. Our Character Of The Week could be no run of the mill super hero or super villain. Somewhere from the depths of the Spider-Man universe we had to pull out the stops to bring you something extra special. We must take a trip back in time to a more gritty more realistic place. 1930 was a time when you either stayed on top or were lost in the shuffle of the low class poor people.

Our Character Of The Week is:

Spider-Man Noir

So why a noir character from Marvel?

The Great Depression has ended, and a mysterious world has emerged. The mob, the power-hungry, and the corrupted all rule and hope seems long gone. This world desperately cries out for heroes, and they get them; recognizable but in ways you never expected! These are people who must make a stand and find the hero – or the villain – in each of them. Who will rise and who will fall? Murder, mystery, and mayhem surround this hard hitting, razor-edged world. Welcome to world of Marvel Noir.”

This alternate take on the Spider-Man mythos is set in 1933 – during the Great Depression. While Peter Parker still becomes the titular Spider-Man, the initial focus of the story is upon Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich. He is an experienced and respected reporter who runs a network of informants under the alias of the Spider. This has allowed him to amass a wealth of evidence against underworld boss, Norman Osborn – also known as the Goblin. Osborn makes use of a diverse set of henchmen, all of whom are connected to the circus, in order to achieve his illegal ends. The henchmen are the Enforcers (Ox, Fancy Dan, Montana), Kraven (an animal trainer), the Chameleon (a master of disguise) and the Vulture (a geek in the original, geek-show sense), who had developed a taste for human meat. Urich does not use the information he has to expose the Goblin but rather to blackmail him, in order to get enough money to feed his secret drug habit.

Urich encounters Peter Parker during an oration by Peter’s aunt in Central Park. The socialist slant of May Parker’s words does not sit well with the Enforcers and Urich is forced to intervene in order to prevent serious injury to either Peter or May. Urich subsequently takes Peter under his wing and after Peter mistakenly receives a tip-off meant for the Spider, the young man ventures to a warehouse where the Goblin’s men are unloading a shipment of stolen antiques. A particular antique – a spider statue – breaks open and releases a horde of spiders. One of the spiders bites Peter, causing him to pass out and dream of a spider god. When he awakes, he is upside-down in a black web. He has gained powers similar to those of the movie Spider-Man (right down to the organic webbing) and so he dons a black mask, gloves, and trenchcoat (he also packs a gun) in order to take down Osborn in the guise of the Spider-Man.

Source: Wikipedia

So Platform Nation readers what type of Spider-Man is your favorite? Or what type of Spider-Man would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!!

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