Action Puzzler Wants You To Name It

FuturLab, the guys behind Coconut Dodge PSP Mini title, have another one in store. This title, which appears to be an action/shooter/puzzler with a teleporting mechanism, features a space war. Their description points out that it gives a reason for the ever-moving nature of shooters, in that everything behind you is being sucked up into a black hole.

Problem is, the game and the pilot don’t have a name. The theme, Teleport Rescue, does though. The winning namer (and a short list of runner ups) will win a copy of the game, with the titular winner receiving some sort of in-game acknowledgment.

You can check out the game and throw out a name here. I’ve made my suggestion… but I’m not telling you. Any title that features reasoning for the traditional game limitations has my interest perked, though.

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