Free Game With Knights Of The Nightmare

Atlus has announced that buyers of Knights Of The Nightmare, the upcoming strategy/shooter/RPG for the PSP, will come with a free downloadable title. The port of the Nintendo DS title from last year will now come with a port of the Gameboy Advance title, Yggdra Union. Potentially due to this DLC addition, the game will now come out on November 9th. The launch copy of the title (on both UMD and PSN) will come with a code for the PSP version of Yggdra Union.

Both titles have received praise from the hardcore audience. It’s a title that I was on the fence about before, but with the inclusion of Yggdra Union, I’m more inclined to pick it up. Still, my PSP goes continuously unused in my gaming collection.

How about you? Are you more inclined to pick it up now, with a free game included?

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