Microsoft Confirms 250GB Kinect Bundle

At E3, Microsoft announced the new Xbox 360, known as the Xbox 360 S. When it came out, it was only available in a $299, 250GB package. Soon after, they replaced the 250GB with 4GB, and took away the glossy finish and replaced it with a matte finish. With the announcement of Kinect at $149 (complete with Kinect Adventures), Microsoft also announced a bundle with Kinect, Kinect Adventures, and the 4GB 360 S at $299. Sure, it was $50 less than buying that model and the Kinect bundle, but you’d be stuck with the smaller hard drive.

Earlier today, Microsoft announced a new bundle. The Xbox 360 Kinect Special Edition, also available on Amazon, bundles the glossy 250 GB Xbox 360 S with the Kinect device and Kinect Adventures, alongside a standard wireless controller and wired headset. All 360 S models have a special Kinect port, which doesn’t require the two USB ports the original Xbox 360 needs to connect.

Annoyingly, none of these bundles come with the transforming d-pad 360 controller, which for many, is more interesting than Kinect.

Sure, I’ve preordered Kinect, but that was because the Microsoft Store had a $50 coupon for Labor Day weekend. I’ve got no interest in Kinect Adventures, but I love the concept of using my 360 with a Minority Report-style control scheme.

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