Snoop Dogg Finally Arrives To Rock Band

Yes you read correctly. In February of 2009 Rane Pollock (Gemini Ace) reported that rap star Snoop Dogg was on his way to the Rock Band store in DLC form. It’s been a long long wait, but this week Snoop was finally ushered into the game, and not only that but he and RB has ushered in a new genre in the game named “Urban.”

Right now, there are 8 tracks, rock remixed versions of “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” “Beautiful,” “Tha Shiznit,” and five more classic tracks that are Rock Band ready, featuring new drums, guitar, and some bass across the boards.

Hopefully this wont be the only urban artist to appear in the game, who do you hope to see next?

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  • jaybird6t6

    I would like to see prom queen by lil wayne, or won’t back down by eminem, or some b.o.b. songs