Spiderweek 2010: Platform Nation’s “A Simple Question”- 9/8/10

Spiderweek is in town this week at Platform Nation, so of course you want to see a Spider-Man themed ASQ, right?  Right!

If you recreated Spider-Man today, what super power that he doesn’t have would you give him?

I’d like to see thoughts on new powers, and bonus points go to folks that can remember he’s “Spider-Man” .. sure bazookas for arms would be nice, but I don’t know how that would apply to the name.’s response: “The ability to bend time – stop time, go back into the past, into the future.” – Never a bad ability – I don’t know how spider related it is, but I’m sure if we went with Diablo 2 spiders, they were called Phase Spiders in act 3, right?  Pretty sure at least one teleported, so it’s possible.

A Simple Question (ASQ) is a weekly segment for Platform Nation.  Each week, you’ll be posed a question.   Give a response and let the world know what you think, there is no right or wrong answer here.  I will post my response on Friday. If you have a suggestion for a question, hit me up on twitter @vttym.

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