Character vs. Character: Spiderman vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Is Obi-Wan Kenobi able to climb building and sense what’s wrong? Can the force be strong within a guy who acts like a spider? An unlikely, yet epic battle is about to begin.

Character Background

Spider-Man: A smart photographer for New York’s newspaper, the Daily Bugle. Spider-Man uses his super human strength, agility and spider-sense to keep defeating the city’s greatest offenders, even if its inhabitants don’t recognize his numerous achievements.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: As wise as Master Yoda, and as powerful as Master Windu, Obi-Wan is one of the most important members of the Jedi Council. With his incredible abilities with a lightsaber, as well as his useful mind tricks, and, the force; Obi-Wan acquired a great responsibility when he got in charge of molding young Anakin Skywalker’s troubled personality.

The Battle

Traveling around the intricacies of a galaxy far, far away, young Obi-Wan Kenobi receives a distress signal some parsecs away from the outer rings. Fearing the separatists could be expanding even beyond, the Jedi Master undertakes a journey to find out what was going on.

Upon arrival, he realizes the signal was coming from the remote planet Earth, on the Sol system, and decides to land on the most developed city around, which turned out to be New York.

He successfully passed through the Earth’s contaminated atmosphere only to find a strange black gooey form rapidly approaching towards him. The goo covered the entirety of of Obi-Wan’s ship and filtered to the cabin, where the Jedi could do nothing but to embrace the mysterious goo’s advance.

The goo was absorbed by Obi-Wan’s skin until it dissapeared, leaving a feeling of weird satisfaction on the Jedi. Then, he decided to finish landing, but suddenly he was attacked by rapid shots of what looked to be a spider web. Obi Wan got out of the ship but a couple of webs quickly wrapped around his arms. The powerful Jedi Knight used the force to mentally unleash his lightsaber in order to get free from the webs, and at that moment he received a kick in the face from a weird guy in disguise, with a spider symbol on his chest.

What the hell?!, who are you? -Asked Obi-Wan
Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man… oh but you already know who I am, don’t you Venom?

Just after saying that, Spider-Man ran incredibly fast towards Obi-Wan, trying to punch him, but the later was able to hold the attack with the force.

– My god, you are certainly more powerful! Who’s this new host of yours? -a surprised Spider-Man asked.
– I’m not a host to anything, except your funeral you separatist scum!

In a heartbeat, Obi-Wan deployed his trusty lightsaber and was masterfully throwing rapid series of attacks at Spider-Man. However, the spider-sense of the later was good enough to avoid getting hurt at all.

– Blasted! You must be a new and improved kind of drone… I gotta call the council.

Obi-Wan tried to walk away but was stopped by another of Spider-Man’s webs.

– You’re not going anywhere, Venom!
– I’m not Venom! -Obi-Wan said as he was cutting again the web with his lightsaber.

In the blink of a second, Spider-Man threw another web to Obi-Wan and pulled the Jedi towards himself. Spidey tried to hit the Jedi with his knee but was unable to do so, as Obi-Wan used again the force. The Jedi decided to keep attacking Spider-Man with his lightsaber but the later was still fast enough. Then, Spider-Man jumped real high and created an enormous web that was launched at Obi-Wan, immobilizing him. The Jedi quickly got rid of the web with rapid strikes of his trusty weapon, but Spider-Man was quick to keep firing big balls of web, in hopes to hit Anakin’s master.

Time passed, as they kept attacking each other and equally defending themselves. Soon, they both grew tired.

Obi-Wan was very frustrated as he hadn’t faced an enemy so fast before, and was uncertain as to how to fight and defeat Spider-Man. However, something suddenly changed. The Jedi felt how a new boost of energy was flowing throw his veins, and sensed the need to attack Spider-Man once more. Obi-Wan waited no more and rushed towards New York’s webslinger.

The result was the same, every lightsaber strike was skillfully being dodged by Spider-Man, but suddenly the black goo from before emerged from Obi-Wan’s back. The goo took the form of two more arms, and both of them joined Obi-Wan’s effort. Naturally, the advantage was clear and Spider-Man got hit numerous times until he ended up laying on the floor.

– I knew it was you… Said Spider-Man.

Obi-Wan was staring at the superhero, but his faced show little to no emotions. Nevertheless, he charged against Spider-Man again. The Wallcrawler tried bravely to dodge the attacks, but four agile and organic arms were too much to handle. The superhero ran away from Obi-Wan, so he could have a little more time to create a big web ball.

– Hahaha! You’re now escaping like a pig! -Obi-Wan said in a vicious manner and with a voice that did not seem to be his own.
– No!… Wait….. the… dark side…… -Said the same Obi-Wan, but with a different and gentler voice.

Obi Wan was clearly fighting with what was within, and that gave Spider-Man enough time to create a fairly big web ball, and spared no time to throwing violently at the Jedi. However, Obi-Wan avoided the ball effortlessly.

– Hahaha! Is that all you got? You’re pathetic! -Said Obi-Wan again, with his new, evil voice.
I wasn’t trying to hit you! – Responded Spider-Man

The ball was aimed at Obi-Wan’s ship, which exploded in a huge way, creating both a uproarious noise and a big fire.

The explosion got an immediate effect on Obi-Wan who was taking his head with both arms, seemingly in pain.

– Arrrgh! Get off me!! -The Jedi yelled.
– Get off me!!!!

Obi-Wan was definitely making a huge effort to get Venom out of his humanity, and with the help of the surrounding fire, it took little time to get rid of what was now only a weakened black goo.

The Jedi Master remained on the floor, breathing heavily. Spider-Man realized the person in front of him had no evil intentions, so he provided a little help.

Hey, you ok? – Spidey asked.
– What was that thing?
– You were attacked by a Venom Symbiote… but hey, everything is gonna be alright!
– I guess so…

Suddenly the top of a lightsaber emerged from Spider-Man’s back. Obi-Wan had taken a stab at the superhero while he was off-guard.

-…I…I…Impossible……. – Said an agonizing Spider-Man as blood was flowing through his mask.

Obi-Wan stood up and look respectfully at the superhero’s body. Then, he decided to kept his journey, to find out what the distress signal was all about and how to get home. As he kept walking, a small drop of black goo could be seen moving through his leg.

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