Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO Breaks Sales Records

Dead Rising 2 is coming out at the end of the month. To set up the game, Capcom has released Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO on the Xbox Live Arcade. Running off the same game engine, it’s a prequel to the title that allows players to get acquainted with it’s hero and daughter, alongside gaining levels for the true game. Apparently, a lot of you played it.

Capcom has sent out a press release, stating that Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO

has broken all records on Xbox LIVE with the best week one unit sales in the history of all content distributed through Xbox LIVE Arcade

That’s kind of awesome. No doubt, it’s helped by the fact that the title runs only 400 points, allows preliminary stat-building for the full game, and is only on Live (preventing multi-console owners from getting it on PSN or Steam).

Did you download it? What was your favorite part? I loved stomping around the town in a waitress dress, cowboy hat, with two chainsaws duct taped to a oar. Admittedly, once you figure out your path, you can beat the game in about two hours, but I still have a few Achievements to get.

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