Enslaved New ScreenShots

Last week it was announced that Enslaved Odyssey to the West had went gold, well ahead of schedule.  It’s due for release on the 8th October in Europe and in case you haven’t been following it’s development then let me bring you up to speed with some background to the game.

You may also want to jump over here to watch the E3 trailer.

Enslaved is set 150 years in the future in America, in a world where war has taken its toll and nature has started to reclaim the land due to very few human survivors.  Slave ships patrol the land searching for human survivors to capture them and transport them out West, under mysterious circumstances.  The story revolves around two characters who manage to escape from one of the slave ships, Trip and Monkey.  Trip used her mental powers while Monkey used his brute strength.  It doesn’t take long before Trip realized she needs Monkey to stand any chance of making it back home in one piece so she hacks a slave head band and attaches it to Monkey.  Basically what this means is, if she dies, Monkey dies.  It’s an unlikely partnership that is sure to develop and grow as the story progresses.

While we all wait for the 8th October to arrive, Namco Bandai have treated us to a selection of new screenshots.  Enjoy!

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