God Of War Ghost Of Sparta Demo Giveaway

By now you must have read some of Platform Nation’s coverage of PAX Prime and maybe you have a favorite piece or game that you were excited to read about or even get a glimpse of a screenshot from.  So what does all this have to do with giving away codes for the God of War Ghost of Sparta you may be asking yourself?  Well here is your answer we would like you to leave a comment about what you where most excited to hear about from Platform Nation about PAX Prime.  We have made it easy for you as all you have to do is click the Authors name below and you will be able to see the coverage from PAX Prime that they provided.  We spent a lot of time on the floor to provide you with what we seen at PAX Prime and we enjoyed every minute of it.

I personally don’t have a favorite piece because let’s face it I would probably pick mine, but I do know one thing I had a great time while in Seattle with the Platform Nation crew that was there and can’t wait for next year and hope to maybe see you there.  Here is a list of the Authors from Platform Nation that were there to provide coverage for your viewing pleasure.

Steven Artlip (Steve519)

Jose Adrovet (Gui J)

Jeremiah John Hill (JeremiahNight)

D. Demitrius Smith (DDSmitty)

Scott diMonda (WCC5723)

Now be sure to add what you liked the most from Platform Nation’s coverage of PAX Prime and be sure to leave a correct email address so we can get you a code if you win.  We only have a limited amount of codes so this one is not on a  first come first served basis this one will be based on your response.

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  • I pick the Crysis 2 Preview by Jeremiah John Hill (JeremiahNight) as the most appealing to me.

  • Sean

    I’m going with Steve’s Sony preview.

    Mostly because it confirmed my expectations about how sick Killzone 3 will be, and raised my anticipation for that title even more.

  • Andrew

    I like Guild Wars 2 preview

  • Dan

    I like rachtet and clank all for one.
    Cant wait to try out the multiplayer and see what all weapons they have on there. Co-op multiplayer should be fun. And seeing the duo in another story will be interesting

  • Torren

    I’d have to say the Vanquish preview:

    Mainly because it’s a title I haven’t heard of before, off to download the demo from XBL now ^_^

    Can’t wait to try it out from the positive review!!

  • ole

    duke nukem forever looks cool

  • Chase

    I like Killzone 3, honestly it looks identical to Killzone 2, but that could be a good thing.

  • steven

    cant wait to try the new weapon with its new move when bein displayed by good graphic.

  • mike

    I cant wait for black ops i think its going to fun fun but that rc car is kinda overpowered but still not way overpowered like mw2

  • kevin

    love rachet and clank.its multiplayer will be interestin when using new weapon.

  • noah saaka

    i realy liked all the demos

  • thyron

    impatient to try rachet and clank move with there new weapon exspecially in multiplayer.

  • mike

    I like rachet and clank the best. it looks great and I want to play the multi player.

  • Gunnar

    I’d have to say Portal 2. Because it’s got co-op, and, well, it’s Portal.

  • i liked jose adrovet (gui j)

  • cody

    i also favor portal for the co-op play

  • dudeman

    portal ftw

  • supateddy

    yay more codes portal ftw

  • Ned Oldfield

    i think steves post on sony games was the best because it showed me whats soon coming 2 playstation , because i live in a small town i don’t get to see what is coming and what i am waiting for until it comes out in the shelves

  • Namejs

    I like the portal preview!

  • Chickenrun

    Falls ihr noch einen Code braucht schaut unten im Link vorbei.
    Gewinnspiel: God of War: Ghost of Sparta Demo (US)

  • dre

    i pick steven artlip

  • Allankilla

    I pick steven artlip 2