Halopalooza: A Farewell To Halo 3

Hey ladies and gents, the drop to Reach is nearly upon us. We are a mere four days out from what will be the greatest adventure any Halo fan has emarked upon yet.  In light of this situation we at Platform Nation thought to our selves, “Let’s send Halo 3 out with a bang”.. And So it is that Platform Nation and GameRantComics will be hosting the first P*N Halopalooza!

We will be playing some Forge maps built by yours truly- and then we will probably head into match making for some good old fashion face shootin.
Most of us are likely to never play Halo 3’s multiplayer again, so lets send her out with a proper bang.

We also have a Noble Six avatar code and a “Chillin with the chief” shirt to give away on this bittersweet event. After the festivities we will randomly select two Spartans (and or Sanghili) from the list of attendee’s and you will be a piece of Halo swag richer.

So make some noise in the comments letting us know your coming!
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Jeremiah Night

And we will see you at Halopalooza!
Saturday Sept11th 5pm pacific

Special thanks to GameRantComics for throwing in the “chillin with the chief” shirt and co-hosting this event! After you comment check out some of GameRants Halo centric comics

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  • Mark L.

    I should be there! GT: Keklar

  • Dude, I will be there 🙂

  • wargamer17

    I wouldn’t miss it! Well, I might but I doubt it. Count me in.

  • AMy

    You guys know Ill be there 🙂

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  • Neil

    I am soooooo there 🙂
    Been wanting to play together as a group on Halo 3 one last time 🙂
    GT: Agentcoop

  • Silent Cypher

    I should be around to attend this awesomeness. yep.

  • I really want to but I think prior plans will prevent me from being there

  • HFX

    I’m in.

  • Matthew Reed (Matthew Lamora)

    I will be there with a BR in my hand and a thirst for blood and custom maps.

  • If you guys still have room, I will join up.

  • mataman906

    I’m in if theres some spots left GT: TheRancorKeeper

  • Sorry I couldn’t make it last night, got back late and was way too tired to play Halo. We have to get together and play some Reach next week Jeremiah? 🙂