Irrational Interviews Episode 2 Now Available

Brian Michael Bendis, writer of Daredevil, Ultimate Spider-Man and Powers, is Ken Levine and Shawn Elliott’s guest on the latest Irrational Interviews, a new series of podcasts where the BioShock creators chat to other creative types. The conversation covers the importance of setting in storytelling and the ways in which games and comics bring it to life; they also discuss the difficulty of making an audience care for the safety of heroes who cheat death on a regular basis.

The podcast is available as a free download from the Irrational site or on iTunes. Check out the first episode too, which features Todd Howard of Bethesda discussing game design. Fans of BioShock should also check out the Irrational Behaviour podcast, which goes behind the scenes at the company. Topics range from the team’s gaming habits and geekiest secrets to discussions about how to make a game frightening. The latest episode details the making of the BioShock: Infinite trailer.

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