Megaman Universe Reveals Character, Level Creators

Have you been following up Megaman Universe? The enigmatic title, first revealed with a stop-motion animated trailer (showing the likes of Ryu and Crappy Box Art Megaman joining the likes of traditional Megaman), followed soon by gameplay of Megaman in traditionally-stylized levels, has been hot on gamer radars. Capcom Unity today revealed two parts of the Universe puzzle: Character Customization and Stage Creation. Much like LittleBigPlanet, you’ll be able to tweak your character and the worlds they run through, alongside running through the worlds of others.

Character Customization is described as letting you personalize your own hero, and different parts allow for different skills. Logically, this implies that, say, if you add the legs from X, you’d get a dash, or the legs from Ryu would allow for a hurricane kick. Stage Creation is much like any other level editor, letting you build up your own stages, with items, enemies, and the like. The site mentions that you’d be able to play through the stages of others, implying a Megaman Universe community would be strong.

Me? I can’t wait to rock this on Xbox Live.

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