Short And Sweet

Dead Rising 2: Case 0 just opened the door to the next logical step in marketing an upcoming release- short stories.
The problem with putting together a demo for an upcoming release is that it’s almost impossible to get it right. A demo is a tightrope act of getting across how the game plays, what it’s about, and who the characters are, while at the same time not giving away too much of all those elements, and picking just the right point in the game to drop you into the action. For every Just Cause 2 or Arkham Asylum demo, you have ten different demos of the Burnout Paradise variety.
What this new model does is throw all of those problems out the window. By devoting just a little bit of extra time and resources to DR2:C0, Capcom has solved the problem of how to introduce a major upcoming release to the general public. Case 0 is a self-contained short story that you can get anywhere from two to five hours of play out of for the low entry price of five bucks. The setting is unique, and separate from anything we’ll see in Dead Rising 2 proper. The game gives you a taste of what’s to come, without having to deal with the pitfalls of a demo. And while you’re being charged for this content, I dare you to play through it and say you didn’t get five bucks worth of entertainment out of it.
I hope this experiment proves to be a successful one. Not only will it inspire Capcom to continue producing them, but other publishers as well. I’d love to have a collection of short story titles on my hard drive.

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