Video Game Fanaticism

As I was browsing my Facebook and Twitter Feeds today, I happened to see a tweet with details to an eBay auction.  The message stuck out to me for two reasons. First, the tweet mentioned Halo: Reach and second a price of more than $150.  Curious, I clicked the link to be presented with an auction that ended on September 5th for a copy of Halo: Reach Limited Edition in hand. Apparently a store broke street date and sold a copy of the game to this person.  What is most surprising is that the auction ended for $520 dollars.

Now I know that video games often have a large following and cause people to sometimes act irrationally, but to spend $520 dollars to play a game a week before anyone else can?  I guess I do not see the point of spending that much money on something that will be much cheaper when the game is released next week.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy as a pig in mud if I got the chance to play the game early, and had someone offered me an early retail copy for slightly more than they paid, I’d be tempted.  But that amount that the auction ended for is way beyond even my “gotta have it now” mentality.

Usually I don’t get the privilege of playing a game before its release, so I have to wait until the store opens and put down my hard-earned cash to play my favorite games.  Though I will say that when the first Bioshock game hit stores, my local Toys R Us was selling copies early and I managed to get one before the store pulled them off the shelves.  It was great to be able to venture into that world before anyone else.  The downside of that is that my XBox live message space was filled with tons of voice and text messages asking how I was playing the game when it wasn’t out yet.  One person had gone so far as to tell me that I was going to have my account banned because obviously I had somehow cheated the system.  I admit, I was a little worried, but luckily I read a post by an XBox policy person stating that legit games purchased from a retail outlet that broke street date would not be subject to any penalties on their account. Those that did download or hack their system to play a downloaded copy would face consequences.  So, with that fear put aside, I got to enjoy the game early and for only the retail price + tax, not a penny more.

I guess that I am grateful that I saw the message because it sparked in me a curiosity to see just what people would be willing to do if they were offered the chance to play their favorite game before anyone else.  I’m sure that there will be some outlandish answers, most likely some humorous ones as well.  So, in that vein, let your imagination loose and ponder the question before you submit your answer in the comments.

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