Capcom Sets Samurais Versus Zombies

There’s no doubt that Dead Rising 2 is one of the hotly anticipated games of the fall. CASE ZERO set Xbox Live records. The game series is hitting the PlayStation 3 for the first time (even the Wii has had more time with Frank West). Multiple pre-order bonuses come with various costumes, syringes, chances to win giant zombie statues, and the like. Capcom knows it’s at a fever pitch, and adds fuel to the fire with Samurai Dead Rising, ANN reported.

Samurai Dead Rising is what happens when you take Capcom’s Dead Rising world, and transpose it to the style of samurai films. Think The Seven Samurai meets Dawn Of The Dead. The character designer for Armored Troopers Votoms and Ronin Warriors, Norio Shioyama, tackled the animation. The first two minute episode is now available on YouTube.

Additionally, Zombrex Dead Rising Sun, the live-action movie, will be hitting sometime within the next year.

I personally can’t wait for DR2. From playing CASE ZERO, it seems to fix most of the issues I had with the (never actually finished by me) original.

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