My One and Half Cents – Final Fantasy XIV

Years ago like any other kid on the block of (insert average town here) I had a lot of interests.  As time went on things grew more and more complicated and technologically advanced. Then there was the cartoon era ( Still active; don’t judge me) as a little kid sitting on a couch five times bigger then you watching on a Saturday morning without a care in the world, but as school started so did the fads. The yoyo’s and card games (Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, etc) but there has been one thing that has been a constant in my and many others lives, Final Fantasy. Going through FF 1 until FF 13 every one has been a great experience. Final Fantasy 14 is something of a coin toss, because  it is like an older car with a new paint job. On the other hand new gamers who haven’t heard to many good things about FF 11 have a chance to turn back the pages of time and jump right into a new experience.

*Note: From here on is just speculation from what I’ve seen and comparisons from Final Fantasy 11, give that the next MMORPG isn’t coming out until the 30th of September.

Graphics: The screen shots that have come from Squire-Enix from the online game play videos from closed beta testers says it all without uttering a single word. As gamers know, from many disappointments in the past, graphics aren’t everything but they sure so make it easy on the eyes. The character screen looks much better and has a much better feel of freedom, as well as the in-game reactions of enemies as well as allies.

Game play: Well…Much can’t be said about this section then what I’ve heard from Beta testers. The game play hasn’t changed much as first thought, the party system is a lot better as well as the new Guildleves, but other then that, I have no info so far.

Characters: Well this seems like some of the Char’s from FF 11 have been merged or rather recycled with others. FF 11 started out with base char’s and continued to grow as the game progressed so I won’t be too hard on this section. As far as I’m concerned the break down is this: Pugilist = Warrior with Monk; Lancer = Warrior with Dragoon, Gladiator = Tanking Warrior with Monk; Maurder = Pure St Warrior, Archer no need, Conjurer = Black Mage/Elemental Summoner, Thuramage = Black Mage.

Concept: It’s still the standard and lets be honest here, who wouldn’t want to play with others battling side by side like the world counted on it all with casting spells and racking up TP? I think I’ll join in on the fun in September, I won’t be counted out on this adventure whether good or bad.

What do you guys think about this?   Is it something different or just more of the same with a brand spanking new gloss?

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  • Frederick Brown

    Overall, I’ve been playing the beta for roughly five days now, and I have to say that they have made this game a heck of a lot easier to get into, and they took away a lot of the grinding that XI had. Here’s an analogy that I think best explains it for me: FF XI was like Windows Vista, where as FF XIV is a lot Windows 7. It’s more optimized for casual players, and I find it less complex.

  • Mark

    First off, let me begin by saying that I’ve been a fan of the Final Fantasy series since FF1. I took part in the FFXI Beta back in the day, and I’ve taken part in FFXIV Alpha, Beta phase 3, and then open beta, and let me tell you, this game is not going far.

    All through the early Alpha and Beta phases I thought to myself: “You know what, it’s still in the early phases, let’s give it some time…” But let me tell you something: As it is, FFXIV might as well be said to still be in Alpha.

    Sure, SE has made some improvements, but in my eyes these “improvements” are negligible. Just like it’s predecessor, FFXIV requires long grinds, still has an unappealing combat system, and targeting, well targeting is down right badly implemented…

    Take one of the early Levequests as an example: You’re asked to kill a few little rabbits scattered around. So you start off and follow the arrow on the minimap. You find the critter and start chasing. You target the thing, and hope that it stops moving because until it does you cannot hit it. After a few seconds I’m already bored, I don’t want to follow the thing any more… I mean, come on, I want an engaging, provocative game. Is that too much to ask? Not to mention the fact that there might have been one or two little rabbits in the immediate area out of however many you’re asked to kill. So once you finally catch the thing you have to run to another area to find another… Add to this its reeeeaaally long grinds, given that the combat/targeting system is garbage, and you got a bad game.

    “But I’m tired of killing these little rabbits and fireflies!” someone says.

    “Just wait til he starts killing wild dogs 310042390 hours into the game. That’s when it really picks up.” 1

    Some say that the game targets Japan more than USA. Well, to those people I’d like to ask: Did you know that many Final Fantasy games have received lower scores in Japan than in the USA? Not only that, but if you think Square Enix doesn’t care about US sales as much as Japan sales, you got another thing coming..

    Needless to say, I canceled my FFXIV pre-order. I’ll wait for Square Enix to fix their “game” (I give them a year or so) before I start dishing out my hard earned cash.

  • Chris


    Go repair your gear 100% a few times and get back to me. Except your underwear, you need to get another pair of britches before you can change your dirty broken ones. All that tough Disciple of the Hand “Miner Adventuring” breaks your gear, and vendors only repair to 50%.

    This game sucks and will fail. Hard. SE should be ASHAMED. It is besmirching the Final Fantasy brand, again. It’s SO BAD. SO BAD because bottom line is it’s NOT FUN. If I was an MMO developer and was in the beta I would laugh because the game is a joke!

    It’s menu tetris and daily chores (every two days though, it’s for casuals silly!) with too few mobs to grind (oh look, squirrels and rats! how adventurous!) in homogeneous zones using sucky combat. Only the fanbois and Japanophiles will play this stinker.

    FFIV on DS kicks this game in the nuts.

  • Jason


    I’m very glad you aren’t playing anymore, and that you’ve canceled your pre-order. I say this because now there will be one less premature-ejaculator in the game.

    When you told yourself “You know what, it’s still in the early phases, let’s give it some time…” did you actually do that? Or did you somehow hook up with Marty Mcfly and go to future where you saw the game past release? The game is in beta, they have purposely obfuscated most of the content (the “engaging and provacative” included). As to the UI, it needs work- but SE has always delivered on the large issues in FFXI. Let me also mention that the FFXI beta occured a year after release in Japan, so comparing XIV beta to XI beta is apples and oranges.

    All MMOs are grinds in some form. WoW is a grind, but enjoyable to it’s 14 million subscribers because the difficulty level is low and “casual” and therefore rewarding to its community (we know where most of the WoW players reside..). With XIV having global servers, the grind was “averaged” out. Look at Koreans with Aion… and the NA version of that game is MUCH different.

    In the end I feel like the more that people like you quit, the better the game will be in the end. I have absolutely no doubt that XIV will be successful due to it’s franchise’s status around the world, but I am also confident that the developers have done and will continue to great things with this game. 🙂

  • Jason


    This “MENU TETRIS” that you refer to was their attempt to make a UI that players could use with both controller and KB/M. I agree, it needs work- and the software mouse is slow. The software mouse was a lame attempt at killing pixel bots as it is easier to gain aggregate data about suspicious character activity using the software mouse (emulated). It’s easily circumvented by using a full screen emulator(windower) and killing the software mouse option.

    I too broke my underwear crafting, but this is an easily remediable issue as is the UI. In fact, there was talk of a reconfigured UI as recently as the RPgamer interview with Sage Sundi. According to him it was a “top priority” of beta testers in most areas. I assume that this will be fixed for this reason.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you’re probably not the most astute player. I mean no disrespect, but I feel that it was obvious you could do up to 24 different leave quests every 2 days in different areas. But that’s just me, I guess. As I said to Mark in my previous post, It is beta. In beta tests most of the content is hidden or not included or locked in some way. Still, I encourage you to play the release (but not mark) as you seem to have given it more of a chance.

  • Chris

    Not astute? Aren’t you sweet. “wait for release” I keep hearing that. Did the UI and mouse and targeting and chat system and zone variety and everything else wrong with the game just start sucking yesterday? FFS they’ve been working on this game for over five years. Oh wait, my bad, this is SE we are talking about. For a minute there I forgot that SE doesn’t care.

    I haven’t canceled my CE yet but all of my friends have, one might wait and see what it’s like when PS3 version comes out. I had four friends that were going to play this that got beta keys with me, they all quit within one to three days, so I have much less incentive to play now.

    Me and one other are the only ones that played FFXI, two are those coveted “casual” gamers that SE supposedly designed this for, one of them ran around for two days with one ability on his hotbar because of all the finagling it takes to get things onto the hotbar (without macros). He didn’t even know he had the abilities because they are in a nested dropdown menu. For being aimed at casuals the game is not very casual friendly.

    And you know what I was hearing in the weeks before wow was released? I was hearing “this game is awesome!” I wasn’t in the beta but was able to follow a lot of the progress because Blizzard actually has official forums. So where is all the hype for this awesome game that comes out in 11 days?

  • Mike

    Haha, Jason is a fanboi retard. The game sucks. I completely agree with Chris and Mark.

    The problems with the game are so glaringly, slap-you-in-the-face obvious you would have to be a fanboi to try and ignore it.

    It’s too bad, really. I love Final Fantasy and it does hurt to see it dragged through the mud like this.