Space Invaders: Infinity Gene – New Screen Shots

Retro-gamers rejoice!  Next week will bring the release of Space Invaders: Infinity Gene from Square Enix.   Infinity Gene starts out looking like the classic Space Invaders but the more you play, the more the game “evolves”.

The game will be downloadable in North America from PSN on 9/14/10 and Xbox Live on 9/15.   With the release date approaching quickly, Square Enix is treating us to a new batch of screen shots today.

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  • MrMaynard

    Yes! Finally almost a year later this is coming out to PSN and XBLA. I kept begging for that game to come out and finally it is (which I gotta grab it quick, my XBL goes silver on the 16th.. not renewing!) Taito and Square Enix, you rock!

  • This is gonna be sweet! As a fan of Retro- games I can’t wait to play this.