Spiderweek 2010: Spider-Man 3 Movie Review

What happened? We got two awesome movies out of Sam Raimi and crew, and now we have this. Spider-Man 3 had so much potential. I don’t know if it’s because Raimi wrote and directed it instead of the guys from the first two movies or if the pressure got to them to try and top the second film. Either way, Spider-Man 3 hits every comic book movie pitfall on it’s way to the top of the Marvel movie charts since it’s the highest grossing Marvel movie of all time.

spiderman 3 movie

The problems with Spider-Man 3 start almost immediately. We see that Peter is planning to ask Mary Jane to marry him. A meteor lands in the park near where he and MJ are hanging out and the venom symbiote comes out and attaches itself to Peter’s moped. This is never explained or given any context whatsoever. Peter ends up getting Aunt May’s ring to give to Mary Jane. He’s attacked by Harry in his new and improved Goblin gear resulting in Harry getting amnesia.

During all of this chaos, Flint Marko is on the run from the police. He ends up in a particle accelerator that turns him into the Sandman. We learn that he’s trying to get the money to save his dying daughter’s life. This leads him to attack an armored car where he is confronted by Spidey. During this, we find out that Marko was actually the criminal that shot Uncle Ben in the first movie.

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As you can see, the plot of this movie is all over the place and I’m not even halfway done describing it. Raimi decides to rewrite the history of the franchise by making Flint Marko the guy that actually killed Uncle Ben. Meanwhile he’s introducing the symbiote out of thin air, putting MJ and Peter’s relationship into turmoil, giving Harry amnesia, and introducing Eddie Brock as Peter’s rival at the Daily Bugle. Can you say overload?

Under the influence of the symbiote, Peter starts acting more arrogant. This leads to him changing the way he dresses, his hair style, and eventually into a song and dance routine. I’m not kidding. When Peter finally realizes he needs to get rid of the black costume he heads to a church tower and uses the bell to assault the symbiote with sonic waves, its only weakness. In another huge coincidence, Eddie Brock is there and the symbiote bonds with him, their mutual hatred for Parker fueling their desire for revenge.

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Everything culminates in Mary Jane being kidnapped by Venom and Sandman. Spidey gets caught and is being pummeled by a giant Sandman when Harry shows up in his Green Goblin gear and turns the tide of the battle. While Spidey and Venom duke it out, Harry takes care of Flint. Spider-Man is victorious over the villains, but at the price of his best friend.

All in all, this is a classic case of the studio meddling in a film and the director obviously being burned out on the franchise. This has lead to a complete reboot of the franchise. A new Peter Parker has been cast and the movie will be based on the Ultimate Universe’s Spider-Man. After Spider-Man 3, I’m glad to see some new blood being injected into my favorite wall-crawler.

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  • Venom

    Spiderman 3 was awesome,I don’t know why everybody hates this movie, sure it could have been better, but the fight scenes in particular are amazing. I wish they wouldn’t reboot the franchise.


    i really liked spiderman 3 it was entertaining!!!!! for me and the kids