Stargate Resistance Review (Second Opinion)

TV shows have always been the most popular form of visual entertainment, but it seems video games are finally starting to catch up and be more mainstream. Stargate is one of those shows that has been around for quite some time with quite a cult following similar to big space hits like Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. Sure, it’s not as widely known or discussed, but it has a strong and dedicated fan base. With that said, why not allow the gamer fans a chance to choose a faction and fight on the planets they are familiar with from the show and let them decide who is the stronger faction in online team death matches. With Stargate Resistance, you get just that – a multiplayer third person shooter without the entire familiar story.

Steven has already reviewed the game here at Platform Nation and he’s done a great job mentioning everything in the game so there is no need to detail everything – it would just be too redundant; think of this as a second opinion. I will mostly talk about my experience with the game – things I liked and disliked while playing.

So as you know, Stargate Resistance is a team based third person shooter with an online only multiplayer component. There are 2 factions to choose from each with 4 classes to fit your playstyle. Whether you play as Stargate Command or the System Lords, you should have someone that fits your playstyle. Keep in mind though that the System Lords are more close combat fighters while Stargate Command tend to like fighting at a distance with guns. The Stargate Command classes are as follows: Commando (sniper/range), Scientist (support/healer), Soldier (assault) and the System Lords classes are: Jaffa (magic), Goa’uld (support), Ashrak (stealth/close combat).

Starting the game for the first time required a lot more figuring out than I expected. There is no tutorial or training exercise; you are just dropped right in like you are expected to know what to do. Right away you are presented with the galactic map which shows four different planets. I assumed there would be multiple maps per planet but each planet is one playable map. Being my first time playing, I was excited to get to the action and didn’t care what gametype or map I played so I quickly joined a match. Aside from loading the map, I was dropped right into a game. If you are familiar with shooters on the PC whether it’s first person or third person shooters, you will easily understand the controls – nothing new to learn. For newcomers, which I guess would be people who are fans of the show but haven’t played a PC shooter before, there is a steep learning curve. There is no tutorial or bot practice so I wouldn’t recommend it for new players. However, there is a really great community that will help you learn the game if you are one of these new players. The maps seem large at first but very quickly you familiarize yourself with the map and are able to run around the corridors with ease. After completing a match, you are given a few seconds to see your stats and immediately, almost without any break you are grouped together for another match.

The major thing I disliked about the overall experience I had was how unpolished the game felt. It ultimately felt like I was playing a beta. The graphics looked great and the environments fit the Stargate Universe, the menus were simple and easy to navigate but the lack of an introduction to the game, the limited amount of players and the hit detection didn’t feel right. After completing a match, you are shown a stat screen which lists all the points you received during that match. As well, achievements are unlocked if you completed their requirements but for some reason it always said achievement unlocked but never showed what I unlocked on this screen. Killing an enemy took way too long or rather, most of the time, the player that should have got the kill would be the one dying for no apparent reason.

In the end, Stargate Resistance is a game for the fans. It’s a fun shooter. For those that want a small but fun multiplayer game centered around there favourite science fiction universe, this is a great game to play. The community is small, but among them is a friendly and dedicated group of players. Even the devs jump on and play with the community. Although the game is lacking the polish and finished feel that AAA games have, Stargate Resistance is a great little game that fans of the show and overall Stargate Universe will enjoy; at least, for those that like online shooters without a campaign.

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