Kinect Or Move What’s Your Choice

Now that I have had the chance to give PlayStation’s Move and Xbox’s Kinect a run through I think I have made my decision on which new motion controller will get my money.  Now I want to remind you these are my thoughts and experiences with each one and your experience may differ from mine.  So here we go.

First up I am going to give you my thoughts on the Move.  I first got my hands on the Move at a Press only event in NYC and I left the Sony sponsored event wondering what they were thinking when it came to the Move and my mind was made up Kinect was getting my money.  At first I did not like this motion control device made by Sony as it seemed to just give me a lot of problems capturing my movements and I was given the variety of excuse as to why the Move wasn’t functioning.  From the sun shining through the window and throwing the sensors off to my arm span was too long for the Move to fully pick me up.  I felt that Sony might need to go back to the drawing board with this one.

A few months passed and I was finally able to get my turn with Microsoft’s Kinect.  I must admit I was excited to see the Kinect in all it’s glory as I didn’t need any controllers in my hands and the Kinect would move with me.  Well I must say after trying out the Kinect I was utterly disappointed.  The Kinect not only would pick me up but if others came to close to the Kinect it would pick up their movements and throw the Kinect out of whack.  Now I am not talking about someone that was next to you close I am talking about someone that was a yard away.  So not only does this make the game you are playing difficult but you must recalibrate the Kinect to pick up your body alone.

So which one is going to get my money?  I am still up in the air as my Kinect pre-order has been canceled and the Move is hot on our heels with a launch date of next week (9/17).  I have played both and have my doubts about each one but I am banking my money on the Sony Move because while it was a disappointment at first it, I did get to play around with it for a second time at PAX Prime and I think the issues I had previously have been resolved as my experience was much better this time around.

Now I ask you what is your choose Move or Kinect and just don’t take my word for it as I think everyone should try these out before slapping down your hard earned cash on something you haven’t tried.  But from what I have heard from gamers that got to play the Kinect there is a lot of disappointed from them with the Kinect and it seems like more people like the Move.  The choice is your and be sure to do your homework and if you can get your hands on either one give them a try and see for yourself.

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  • SoulFry

    Same here, got my hands on both @ Gamescom in Cologne and was not really “moved” by both of them 😉
    But i think Move has way more potential (especially RTS & Diablo-like RPGs) and so i reordered the Move just to show my generell interest to it … hopefully the industry will notice 🙂

  • Jim

    both… when they have good games… which both Move and Kinect do not offer yet.

  • If I had to choose, I would go with Kinect. I don’t want more controllers laying around. Plus, I think it will get the wife more into gaming than Move will.

  • Jon

    Move without a doubt. It’s just better in every way, including pricing and execution.

    • steve

      they are both good but move is no way better in pricing. kinect is 150 u gt everything just gtta buy more games. move for 100 u gt one move contorller. for most move games u need 2 move controllers so thts another fifty bucks and then if u want to be able to play wot a friend r another famoly member thts another 100 so thts 150+100 so ur paying 250 rite from the get go for move

  • rob

    So you played move twice. Disappointed the first time and neutral the second. And you only gave kinect one try? I’m not biased toward either, but that sounds a little unfair.

    • one time doesn’t mean one game and 5 mins. Scott and I managed to play a few games at PAX with Kinect and I fully agree with him. We have also managed to play with a few games with Move, our second “time” with Move and we both enjoyed it.

  • Rob, what Steve is saying is 100% as I would not rate anything that I played for 5 minutes we had a fair amount of time with both and that is what I have based my choice on and trust me the aggravation each time I experienced with the Kinect would make any gamer ask is this worth it.

  • Smootherkuzz

    I have Xbox 360 so that makes up my mind,no way will I spring for PS3 gear just to use the Move contoller.Kinect will fit into how I use my Xbox 360 setup so its a not a hard choice for me.

  • Adam

    Personally neither really excite me. I can’t see myself using Kinect unless it was integrated in such a way that a controller was also in use, and even then it would have to offer some pretty out there experiences.

    All I really want is for some company to re make the G-Con guns from the PS1 / PS2, and get a new Point Blank game out.

  • my preorder for Kinect is still alive and kicking but everyday i ‘move’ closer to cancelling it. Sony Move has never been on my wish list.

  • Xheis

    Like many, I still have my money on the Move, but i’m still not that interested. I’ll stick with my PC.

    The Kinect seems promising, but move has already generated a larger fan base and the PC integration is FANTASTIC!!! I cannot stress that enough, It’s just amazing, with the applications limitless

  • Panou

    Move for me! Without any hesitation.

  • Alex_D

    NEITHER! Standard controllers may lack the gee-whizzery factor of Kinect or Move but they have been refined over many years and they work just fine.


    for someone who owns the Kinect already (i have a family member who works for microsoft) i havnt seen any problems with the kinect at all, except if someone is too close to me, like a small child or a dog getting in the way, but apart from that it works great, and who wants to hold that stupid looking controller for the playstation move anyway!

  • matthew

    who wants to hold sweaty controlers all day??!?!? im goin with kinect!!! also y did u try move twice and kinect only once?

    • I had equal time with both and I have played around with the Kinect just recently and I am still really don’t like it

    • Alec

      Well, i’m based in NZ and kinect’s gets launched next month i think, i have a xbox360 and was planning 2 buy kinect, like a few comments before, untill xbox and ps3 gets better games for it its going to be awesome, but what i have seen xbox360 its more for the softy person and kiddies like pets, dancing and rpg style, i have yet to c a good fighting game for kinect where move you got the fight club and with holding 2 move sticks, what a perfect very lightweight dumbbells for your workout ………….then again ger what you like just try before you buy …. for me i always wanted a ps3, but i don’t know

  • Sf


  • Sf

    Move is just a Copy of wii

    • Rick Grimes

      And the Kinect is just a copy of the Eyetoy.

      • Incorrect. Kinect is so much more than eyetoy because it sees “in-depth”. If Kinect did only had the RGB camera it would be like eyetoy( or so).

  • My issue with move (more sony) is that it is a complete copy of what nintendo is doing with the wii. literally EXACT copy. It doesnt introduce anything new, 4 years later into the game, but they tout it like it is some breakthrough. Everything they are doing with the move (and monst likely will do in the future) has already been being done by nintendo for the last 4 years (and well).

    I applaud microsoft for the kinect because although the idea may have been generated by nintendo’s wii, this is a completely new introduction in the video game world that, even in its infancy is competing with a medium that has been in place for 4 years.

    Microsoft introduced a NEW product with kinect. can u imagine what this could mean in the next 2 years. Steel battalion, Panzer Dragoon….

    For those of us that love our controllers, we dont have to put them down. This is just a new medium to explore a new way to play.

    If you are willing to drop 100 on the move, you might as well drop another 100 to get the Wii as what is done with sonys move will never catch up to what has already been done with nintendo’s wii…. So ill take kinect… If i feel the need to Move, ill get a nintendo wii…

    • Marc

      Nice job retard. You say how Sony copied Nintendo. But what you don’t know is that in the past years, a product called the EyeToy came out for the PS2. It was the exact same thing as Kinect but with worse graphics and okay tracking.

      Not only that, you are a bigger retard because Move was also made with mature games in mind meanwhile the Kinect was really made to capture younger audiences like the Wii did. The Move already has a solid fanbase made, meanwhile the Kinect isn’t very hyped up.

      As you can see I follow PS3 blindly and I am a huge bias. Both of these motion games have gotten some pretty crappy games, just like the Wii does everyday. I love arguing about platforms. PS3 is better.

      Don’t take my word for anything because I am very bias about PS3. That doesn’t mean what I’ve wrote here isn’t true though. I do have to admit, Halo and Gears of War are epic games.

      • Sf

        Retard if you did research you would find that Kinect uses far superior and different technology than the iToy. They are totally different and Kinect is far more advanced.

      • Yes, i see that you are heavily biased towards PS3 and at least you admitted it so im not even going to go in on the times you called me a retard.

        Regarding Sony’s eye toy, Please dont forget that Microsoft had a camera for the xbox 360. Now the Kinect is CLEARLY a generation ahead of both of those cameras. Kinda like comparing a Motorola Razor to an Apple Iphone.

        Regarding the fanbase, Kinect came out only 5 days ago…. so really, how much fanbase can you really build in 5 days…

        When Eyetoy and even the Microsoft camera came out, they clearly handled one function. (and not very good, both of them) There wasnt much room for expansion. Kinects clearly could lay the groundwork for a change for the entire video game industry in the future.

        Nintendo moderately did that with the Wii controllers. Sony copied that and made the move controller.

        Ok it happened. Lets be real, Sony has pretty much been copying Nintendo and Microsoft this entire generation. Xbox Live=PS Network, Wii Controllers=Sony Move & six axis tilt, XBL Achievements=Sony entitlements, Stating rumble controllers were last generation until everyone else had them. They even lost functions that Microsoft and nintendo still have like backwards compatibility. One of the features they used to tout to sell systems.

        Anyway. I could go on but i think i was getting off topic. Move is basically Wii controllers for the PS3, Kinect is a new gaming introduction, not really compareable to anything else because there isnt anything to fairly compare it too..

        If you have a sony and not a wii, then get move, if you have an xbox i cant imagine why one would want move over kinect when wii has been around 4 years and has a fuller experience (due to more time to build than Move has so far). So get Kinect…

        Or really just go get what you want to… I personally roll with Kinect because its a NEW gaming experience.

        • I fell like you should take into account that alot of the things you listed where things bound to be copied. I mean of course sony is going to come out with online gameplay just because xbox did it first dosnt mean their copying. As for the move it may be very similar to the wii but my understanding is that the move is more accurate and stable. Although i will agree with you in this the kinect is definitly paving the way to the kind of gaming world id like to see. Move in the long run will be inferior. However i also feel this gaming future is still quite far away. I personally cant wait for full virtual reality gaming the day i can see a bullet go into my body without the pesky side effects will be the day i can die happy

  • Dan

    Kinect, alot funner and much better to play with friends. Move seems good but ive got enough controllers lying around as it is

  • jd

    No controllers to break, drop, charge, or lose. Xbox Kinect makes sense. And.. don’t have to buy new controllers for more players. I can even voice or finger navigate my DVD playback, that’s convenience and cool.

  • I may have failed to mention video chat/conferencing and full body tracking.

    did you guys see that new star wars demo for Kinect… look it up on google!!!

  • Im sorry to beat a horse but i had to post this also in response to the guy who said Move had a larger fan base than Kinect (even though it came out earlier).

    Microsoft Kinect, 1 million units sold in 10 days

    Lets take a moment to compare that sales figure to the Sony Playstation Move. According to VGChartz, a site dedicated to estimating, tracking and recording games and hardware sales, Sony was only able to sell about 140,000 complete Move systems in the first week of availability (lets assume that translates to 180,000- 185,000 Move systems in ten days). Oh, and let’s not forget that Sony’s figures include Europe, where Kinect has yet to launch.

    Move will not at all compete with connect. I dont say this at all from the standpoint of “fanboyisim” but just because it is what it is. The numbers and the new experience vs rehash of a already in use formula speaks for itself….

  • zjohnson

    How can you say kinect is far supeior than move? Move gives you something to hold so u know what ur doing. I much rather know for sure im gonna get a good golf swing than having to deal with the hassel of the kinects ok senory. jeez, this is just a totally both way bias war.

  • Chiru

    Hey guys, I am from Indis!
    Shud i go 4 move or kinect ??
    Which is better ?? i have a PS3 and Xbox 360!!!

    Thank You!! 🙂

  • AC

    Ok so there is some def. bias’isms in this thread so let the Nintendo fanboy settle the argument.

    First let me say Ive played all three. Extensively.
    Move is all about potential, the idea of using camera integration with a controller sounds great, but as a tech head, its far from innovative. its a more accurate wii-mote with a less accurate kinect camera.

    Now the kinect. Let me start by saying I love my wii, not for all the motion stuff, im strictly a Mario, Zelda, Metroid, fan (and all those games have been epic). Having said that, after buying the Kinect i havent touched a wii-mote. First of all, it is way more accurate than I expected. The face and voice recognition work great. Not perfect but again, way more accurate than I expected. The games are actually fun (dance central, joyride), gimmicky but fun. Way better than the crap wii puts out. All that being said My fave part of Kinect is GUIs. traversing through the menus of some games is like reliving your fave scen from minority report. The kinect is great, it really is.
    While playing the move (launch games, and nba 2k11) I didnt feel like I was doing anything new. The kinect really makes you feel like the future is near (corny, i know.)

    And this is coming from a Nintendo loyalist and Microsoft-hater

  • Haven’t played Move and have no intention of doing so. Kinect is far and away more advanced, I either want to be doing the whole-body capture thing like when I play Dance Central, or sittin chillin playing COD. Move falls between the two, like the wii, which eventually became a “sit-down and wave ur arms” fest. The only reason for a PS3 is the Blu-ray, especially when 95% of the games are the same for both systems. By making Kinect both family-orientated and more advanced Microsoft have guaranteed Xbox dominance in Europe and the US for another 3 years. Only Japan still has no love for the great white Yank-box. No if only XBL was free…