Unsung Heroes Spider-Man Edition

Welcome once again web-heads to a special edition of Platform Nation’s Unsung Heroes. I use this little slice of the internet to pay tribute to the people, places, and things that make our gaming great. A lot of times we take them for granted, and even more, don’t realize they even exist. So let’s get to the introduction. This week’s special Spider-Man Unsung Hero is the web collector.

The web collector is a necessity in the Spider-Man games. Without him, your screen would soon be filled to the brim with spider webs. He follows Spider-Man around and gathers up all of his webs that he uses while fighting crime in the Big Apple. Now before all of the die-hard Spider-Man fans get their underoos in a bunch, I know that his webs dissolve after a couple of hours so the city isn’t infested with cobwebs. BUT, that’s in the comics. I’m talking video games and that is a whole nother ballgame.

Spider-Man has appeared in quite a few of his own video games and has shared the spot light in quite a few others. He has thousands upon thousands of gaming hours where he is constantly swinging and slinging webs. These webs of the polygonal kind don’t have the same chemical make-up that their comic counter parts do. They won’t dissolve into dust. They’ll just hang around collecting dust, birds, and small furry creatures. So our “other” hero goes around and collects the webs to keep your games clean and running smooth. The best part is, when the web collector is finished gathering Spidey’s webs, he takes them to the Yram Snippop Bottemless Bag Company (Y.S.B.B.C.) and they spin the webs into high grade silk. They then use the silk to make their fashionable, magic bags.

Boy, that's a lot of webbing!

The web collector’s job isn’t anywhere as risky as some of the previous Unsung Heroes’ jobs have been, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t as important. He does a great service to all of the video game world with the Y.S.B.B.C. deal. But most importantly, he keeps our Spider-Man games running smooth as.. well I guess, smooth as silk?

Spider-Man web collector, I Salute You!

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