Doodle Zombie Hunt (iPhone Review)

Game Review: Doodle Zombie Hunt
Release: August 31st
Genre: Shooter
Developer: TriggerFinger
Available Platforms: iPhone/iPod Touch (3.0 or later)
Players: 1
MSRP: $.99
ESRB Rating: N/A
Website: Doodle Zombie Hunt

Ever see that movie Flight Of The Living Dead: Outbreak On A Plane? Much like Snakes On A Plane, the titular threat attacks on a plane, just minus Samuel L. Jackson. The plane must have blown up, because in Doodle Zombie Hunt, zombies are fallen from the sky. It’s up to you to shoot them down in this game.

Doodle Zombie Hunt has a very simplistic goal. With zombies falling out of the sky, literally, you’ve got to shoot them out of the sky, or get them as they charge you on the land. There’s no back-story, no reason why zombies are falling with umbrellas. There’s no explanation if this is the zombie apocalypse, or if this an isolated incident of one plane full of zombies exploding in mid-air, only to be fought off by one guy with a few nukes.

If there’s one thing that can be said about the game, is that it’s not as easy as it could be. Instead of doing the regular iOS thing of tapping where you want to shoot, you have to tilt to move the reticle, and tap the screen to fire. This adds an extra bit of challenge, since you can’t just play the game in bed, and you’re not going for a basic whack-a-mole challenge.

There’s a whole list of things that can be improved. First off, the amount of frames in the zombies can be counted on one or two hands. From there, you really only have one weapon; sure the reticle changes, but there’s no noticeable different between them. There’s a nuke that you get three of at the start, and can clear out the all the zombies. The scenery never changes, there’s only one zombie style, and while the “doodle” concept leaves to an intentionally unfinished style. Additionally, the game is plagued by unfinished bugs; for example, any time a zombie is closer to you than the ones falling in the distance, the farther off ones will take precedence over the closer ones. It’s a simple graphical error, but it completely screws up perspective.

Doodle Zombie Hunt is a decent start, but is so overshadowed by other, free titles, that it’s hard to justify the $.99 purchase. It’s a decent time waster, but it offers nothing much more than what a Game & Watch would have nearly three decades ago. In 2010, we expect a little bit more from titles, even one dollar downloadables.

Want a free copy of Doodle Zombie Hunt?  Well it is easy let us know you favorite Zombie game or movie, because let’s face it as gamers we all love zombies.  Leave you comment below.

  • favorite zombie movie would have to be Zombie land!

    favorite game I would have to say the resident evil series

  • Skrams

    Favorite Movie would be Zombieland as well.
    Favorite Game would be Plants vs Zombies.

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Mark Rea

    Totally agree with Resident Evil for favorite game. However, I totally DIS-agree with Zombieland (really didn’t like that one- sorry guys). Favorite movie will go to the original Night of the Living Dead. Love that while series..! Zombies FTW..!

  • Favorite Zombie Game is (at the moment) Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. Can’t wait for the actual game!!
    Favorite Zombie Movie has to be Shaun of the Dead.