3DS Finds a Release Date?

There was a lot to discover at this year’s E3, but a large chunk of the buzz seemed to concern Nintendo’s “newest” handheld device, the 3DS.

At the time, the biggest question was “does this work?” The answer appeared to be a resounding “yes”. After that, everyone just wanted to know when they could get their hands on one. Well, thanks to what appears to be an accidental slip of the digital tongue — or fingers, as the case may be — we may have that answer as well.

An alleged affiliate of the Japanese peripheral manufacturer, Keys Factory, posted a potentially dangerous tweet over the weekend. Followers were instructed to check out the manufacturer’s 11 accessories that are scheduled to launch alongside the 3DS on November 20th. Keep in mind that this date, if correct, refers solely to the Japanese release.

The tweet (pictured above) has since been taken down, as was the Twitter account responsible. Whether the tweet was real or a joke remains to be seen, but Tokyo Game Show will probably clear things up later this week.

Information comes via GamesRadar