Amazon Now Matching Wal-Mart On Kinect Deal

Are you ready for Kinect? The device is headed to shelves in November, either bundled with 360 S consoles, or alone (all sets come with Kinect Adventures). At $150 for the device and game, though, it’s a high buy-in price. Walmart has been running a deal, though, bundling Kinect, Kinect Adventures, another Kinect game, and a $30 gift card for $200.

Amazon has deemed it time to match Walmart on this deal. Instead of offering an E-Gift Card like Walmart, though, they’re offering $30 of Amazon video game credit. Additionally, Amazon has a few less games offered up for the bundle, but if you want Dance Central (in my opinion, the strongest launch title) and would rather deal with Amazon, this is a good deal.

Me? I already pre-ordered Kinect through the Microsoft Store, since they had a $50 coupon for Labor Day weekend. Honestly, outside of Dance Central and Child Of Eden, nothing Kinect has looked great… but I really just want the user interface options.

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