Halo: Reach In-Store Launch Deals

So, you didn’t pre-order your copy of Halo Reach and now it’s September 13th. What are you going to do? Never fear, handsome. We have you covered.

toys r us reach halo

As you can see above, Toys R Us is having a one day sale where, if you’re a Rewards R Us member, you’ll get a free $25 gift card with your purchase. Not too shabby if you have a Toys R Us near by.

According to my Target weekly ad, purchasing the game and a selected accessory will get you a $20 gift card. So, if you buy Reach and the new Reach controller, you’ll get a cool $20 to spend later. This is good if you want the new controller without throwing down on the whole Limited Edition Reach console. Of course, your local Target ad may be different, so check it before you go just in case.

target halo reach

If you want to get your midnight madness on, Walmart is selling the game at midnight at participating 24-hour stores. There will supposedly be refreshments and giveaways. I saw at one of my local stores that they will be giving a free Halo skull cap to the first 50 people that buy the game. Otherwise you’ll just get a free $5 gift card.

If you would rather go to Gamestop, they are having a midnight madness event of their own. Doors will open at 10PM so you can wait around for 2 hours. No gift cards are available, but maybe they’ll give you some water.

Finally, Best Buy is offering a $20 gift card if you buy the game or the Limited Edition Reach console. Or, if you need a new TV, you can actually get Reach for free with the purchase of a specific 32″ LG TV.

best buy reach

Those are the major brick and mortar retailers that will be selling Halo Reach tomorrow. If you know of any other good in-store deals, post them below.

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  • My Fred Meyer’s are giving away 2 4GB Xbox 360’s at each store as part of their midnight launch as well.

  • Deborah

    Actually the Walmart card offer is now $20. It was changed within the past 2 hours and most store associates have not been made aware of the change. Check with store management. There are also posters that were shipped for Halo as a gift with purchase to the first 100, aside from the skull caps. Most stores received them and then lost them as they do with most gifts with purchase items.

    • Walmart did up the ante with a $20 gift card and the posters where available but they knew nothing of the hats even though it was on the cardboard cut out when you walked in.
      Midnight Launch at our local Walmart was sad no one showed up and they even had extra CSR’s in the Electronics department for this.