FIFA 11 Virtual Pro Blog

Continuing the release of blogs from the FIFA 11 development team, the latest one discusses the changes to the Virtual Pro mode.  This time around it’s the turn of Mike Takla, a designer for offline & online Game Modes in FIFA .  Mike talks about how the team at EA Sports have improved the Virtual Pro from the same mode in FIFA 10.   The 5 page blog talks about the stats that you can aim to max out as you develop your virtual pro over a number of seasons.  One of the highlights from FIFA10 and the virtual pro were the accomplishments that were set for your player before kickoff each match.  Well in FIFA10 there were 230 accomplishments, this time around this has been increased to 400.

These are just a few of the things that Mike talks about in this blog.  Below you’ll find the screenshots contained within the blog but if you want to see the context in which they relate to the Virtual Pro mode, you will have to click the link and read on.

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