Flight Doodle HD (iPad Review)

Game Review: Flight Doodle HD 
Available Platforms:
iPad & iPod Touch/iPhone
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In recent memory there have been several games under the doodle brand. They range from Tower defence games to Zombie games such as Doodle Zombie Hunt. They have been done by different developers and some are much better than others.

Flight Doodle is absurdly simple, all you have to do is fly a balloon and that’s it. There is no complex story, no reason to continue playing other than trying to beat your high score. The object of the game is to go up Go up. The higher you get the better your score. Obviously unobstructed this would be a dull game and not much of a challenge, so stopping your gaining these dizzy heights is a constant supply of darts, birds and other sharp pointy things that appear at the top of the screen in order to pop your balloon.  Just when you think you have the hang of the game and are avoiding all the falling darts, you will suddenly be caught in the middle of a wind storm and everything will be forced together.

To aid you in your quest, every now and again a plane will drop a crate for you to pick up. You can get everything from rockets that you can use to destroy objects in your path to a shield that you can activate to protect your balloon. My personal favourite is the star boost, which give you a quick boost and also grants a temporary immunity to all point things in your way.

I love the absolutely simplicity of this game, there is no need for large explanations or tutorials. Anyone can pick this game up and play. It is completely intuitive, you want to move left you tilt the iPad left you want to move right, and you tilt the iPad to the right. Easy to play, yet difficult to master, but  even a beginner can get a high score due to sheer dumb luck (I’m currently number 9th in the world)

For such a simple game, there is an amazing level of customization. You can pick one of several pre-made balloons or create your own design. You can even import a picture from your photo library and use that as a balloon decoration.  I also like that in the background you can see the ghosts of people’s balloons that you have surpassed. Words cannot express the sheer joy of seeing yet another Balloon disappears at the bottom of the screen. This adds a level of competition to a game that doesn’t actually have 1-1 competition

The game isn’t perfect, I came across a couple of glitches and the iTunes reviews show that I’m not the only one who had problems. While I never experienced any game breaker glitches, I did find that the game would crash if you canceled the autoscore update and then tried to resubmit the score. Also on some occasions the update screen would freeze and I would have to quit and reboot the game to continue. These are just simple programming glitches, as far as gameplay goes, I would prefer if you did not have to go back to the main menu every time you died in order to start a new round. It’s annoying to have to do this every time but it only takes a couple of seconds so isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things. I guess it’s just my short attention (hey look a butterfly sorry where was I?) span.

I was pleasantly surprised with this game, I didn’t expect much as I had never played a doodle game before but I was aware of the reputation that this type of games had. I expected to pick up the game see something that was simple have a chuckle and then put it down and write this review. What actually happened was I could not put this game down, so much so that I played from midnight to 2am even though I only wanted to play a round or two before bed.  This is a must buy, it’s simple and addictive. Short enough to play a round wherever you are, in  bed, on the toilet or on a bus but addictive enough as no matter how hard you try there will always be one more person who is a couple extra feet above you.

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