Move Men Terrorizing Norwegians

So, we all know the upcoming hands-free gaming device, Kinect, coming out in November. We also know the device that pioneered waving a remote around, Wii. Not to be left out, Sony’s PlayStation Move is coming out next week. Swinging around one or more glowing-orb-topped remotes is their deal. Glowing-orb-topped human beings is the advertiser’s idea.

Sony has revealed the Move Men, part of their campaign in Norway.

This is far from the first time a game company has humanized a logo or item that they sell. Japan, for example, has a man running around with an Xbox 360 logo for a head.

But, something seems reminiscent about this commercial. Two people, armed with the latest device from a game company, coming to your door and offering you a new way to play?

What’s your thoughts on Move? Does it rip off Nintendo, or does the technological advancements make it a worthy competitor? Are you going to eschew them both for more traditional gaming? Finally, does that ad just seem a little familiar to you?