Resident Evil: Damnation Announced

Yes, there’s a Resident Evil movie in theaters. Resident Evil: Afterlife is the biggest opening for a Resident Evil film, and is the first one to be made in 3D. In Japan, though, the series is called Biohazard, and they produce their movies using CG. Biohazard: Degeneration featured Leon Kennedy running around an airport after the events of Resident Evil 4.

Capcom has announced a sequel to Degeneration, entitled Damnation, ANN reports. Alongside Sony Pictures Entertainment, the new movie will be both made in CG and designed for 3D. Featuring Leon Kennedy again, the movie won’t be out until 2012.

Capcom seems to like taking their zombies to the screen. Assuming Degeneration gets an American release, it’ll be the fifth Resident Evil flick available. Addtionally, Capcom has dabbled in short films for Dead Rising, including Zombrex: Dead Rising Sun and Samurai Dead Rising.

Anything’s better than the acting in the original Resident Evil. Wait, did you forget?

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