Share Your Experience: Halo Reach Launch

With Halo Reach having midnight launches all over the world last night, we were hoping that you guys and gals would share your experiences with us about the launch. For myself I went to a local chain called Fred Meyer, it’s similar to Targets. They were giving away 2 4GB Xbox 360’s a each store and had several of each version in stock. We had about 40-50 people in a somewhat quiet and tame lane just waiting for the clock to strike midnight so they could rush in and pick up their copy. I talked to the group that was in front of the line for a little bit and they were just so excited for the new Halo, that was until I told them the ending, no I’m joking, I didn’t really spoil it. But they were thrilled, they couldn’t wait to pick up their copy and get home so they could jump online. One of the biggest things that they were looking forward to in the new release was the improved Firefight mode, several people there seemed really excited after hearing some of the new features that were in that mode. Overall it was a pretty good turnout, not quite as many as I thought there would be because of the free Xbox 360’s that were being given away, but still a nice turnout and just a bunch of normal people waiting to get their hands on the game.

So now I ask, what was your Halo Reach launch experience like?

Photo via HaloWaypoint twitter account.

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  • Midnight launch was very boring at our local Walmart. No one showed up and they had extra employees in the store for the launch. Would have taken a pic but that would have only been of the CSR in the store. We also have a FYE in the area and they didn’t even stay open for a Midnight launch.

  • Had about 100 People show up at our local gamestop which was pretty amazing for a relatively small town. Never under estimate Halo i guess. I got there at 11:00 Pm and was about 40th in line. Was really really amazed at how man Legendary Editions walked out of the store. Seemed at least every other purchase was the Legendary edition.