Announcement: Halo Reach Weekend

We here at Platform Nation love you. More importantly, we love that you love games. We all love them, we all crave them. We’re all big massive freaks clasping our hands around controllers for hours on end. The revelations untold from those pixelated occassions. Halo Reach is so far proving to be the most surprising game of the year. I’m gonna probably outright say this in my review of the game too, I don’t like Halo. Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2 ticked all the boxes, every damn box, epic scale and all that gameplay goodness. Halo 3 and ODST fell flat on their face in my opinion, although I have no friends so I didn’t really experience the multiplayer as much. Halo Reach however is… surprising, check out the full review on Saturday.

A long time ago in May, Platform Nation presented Red Dead Weekend in celebration of the grand opus westerner from Rockstar Games. This time around, we’re knocking on Bungie’s door and hoping she got those flowers we sent her. Across three days (Friday counts, deal with it) we’ll be dealing you with a damn lot of Reachy goodness. Deal with it.

Friday 17th September

Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Halo Double-Whammy Part One – I take us back in time, no Delorean unfortunately, and zip zap haddleback tango with the original two games that set about the biggest franchise of all goddamn time.

Saturday 18th September

Halo Reach Review – This is it, the most anticipated game of the year and the Platform Nation review is gonna come sweeping into your computer monitors in full force. It’s going to be my last review here on the site (sadface) as I’m leaving at the end of September (sadderface) be sure to not miss out on this one

Halo Reach P*N Game Night – Would it be a P*N special event weekend without a dish dash of a game night? I might even pop in for a quick roll with the lads and lassies. Be sure to check out this forum thread for more deets (8pm Pacific Time, 8pm GMT time for UK game night) post in the thread and message Steve519 to let him know you can join in on the fun fun.

Andrew Hunt will be setting up a special game night for UK players at 8pm GMT. Add Boss Kamikaze to get in on the English goodness.

Sunday 19th September

Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Halo Double-Whammy Part Two – The conclusion of the biggest ‘GTNPA’ event that I’ve ever written, concluding with the tackling of both Halo 3 and ODST. Bungie may have gone out with a bang, but what legacy did they leave behind?

All this and more all week on Platform Nation! Be sure to check these events out and… Reach for the stars. See what I did there?

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