Asura’s Wrath Rages At TGS

The last title to be announced at TGS by Capcom is a brand new IP. In a day and age where everything’s a sequel or reboot, new IPs are hard to come by. CyberConnect2 has developed Asura’s Wrath for Capcom. Not much is known about the title, but the trailer has been revealed.

Is that not insane? If anything, it looks to be the latest in the line of hyper-action games, with your character (Asura?) mowing down his enemies, only to be bested by a giant statue. There’s a lot of yelling, to boot. Asura runs around like a deranged Spartan warrior who won’t die.

Does Asura’s Wrath have your interest? It looks like it could be fun in an absurd, grindhouse way, but it’ll take more information before I buy it.

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  • Dr.Anal